RAD Consulting

Helping Your Housing Authority Succeed

RAD represents the opportunity for PHAs to address capital needs by accessing existing capital for borrowing purposes. Many PHAs continue to question if a conversion to RAD is in their best interest.

HUD is encouraging many smaller PHAs to pursue a RAD conversion. Transitioning to RAD is probably the biggest decision for a PHA to make. For a smaller authority with limited resources, the choices are causing a significant amount of anxiety for PHAs and their boards.

As we travel the country, the message we consistently receive is: “Where can we find the best advocate (partnership/collaborator) for our housing authority?”

THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN – AH Forward can assist agencies in determining whether RAD is a right fit for their agency. Based on the analysis, if the agency chooses to pursue RAD, AH Forward can help the agency from the pre-application stage through post-award of RAD and subsidy funding. AH Forward services include:

RAD Introduction

  • Initial Analysis and Briefing - Current vs Future State
    • Understanding RAD
    • Understanding your HUD Numbers
    • Go Beyond HUD's Numbers

RAD Assessment

  • Community & Resident Impact
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Positioning Strategies
  • Go/No Go Recommendation

RAD Implementation

  • Board & Tenant Meetings
  • RAD Application
  • Analysis of Subsidy
  • Communications
  • Transition Management
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