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AH Forward is pleased to announce our 2023 webinar series focused on Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Financial Management, Public Housing Financial Management, and ED 101. Our ED-101 courses are specifically targeted to Executive Directors with less than 3 years of experience in the ED position and Public Housing or HCV supervisors interested in advancing to an Executive Director position.

The courses offered in the HCV, PH, and ED 101 tracks are live online webinars scheduled in manageable two to three-hour blocks.

  • Each course provides “nuts” and bolts” information to practitioners to perform their duties.
  • Where applicable, each course highlights high risk areas and common problems.
  • As appropriate, each course provides examples, templates, and checklists.

Visit our training page or select the link below for
information on the courses offered in each track:


Housing Choice Voucher & ED 101 Financial Management Webinar Series


Public Housing & ED 101 Financial Management Webinar Series

FEE AND REGISTRATION:  Courses range in cost from $129 (2-hour) to $179 (3-hour). Participants that register for 3 or more courses receive $10 discount per course.
CPE CREDIT:  Each registered participant is eligible to receive CPE credit in Governmental Accounting for each session attended.  Credit is based on a 50-minute hour, in accordance with the standards for the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.  CPE Credit Provided by AHACPA
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AH Forward combines the expertise of three well-respected organizations:

  • Phineas Consulting
  • Urlaub & Co

Together, we have developed policies and procedures, conducted training, provided consulting, and technical assistance to the affordable housing industry and HUD. The three firms have a combined 100+years of experience in providing support to the affordable housing industry.

AH Forward

AH Forward was formed in 2019 and combines the expertise of three partner-firms: The Affordable Housing Association of Certified Public Accountants (AHACPA), Phineas Consulting LLC, and Urlaub & Co, PLLC. The firms and partners have more than 20 years of experience in providing consulting support to HUD, public housing agencies, and multifamily owners. Information on AH Forward and the firm’s service offerings are available at

AH Forward
P.O. Box 2543
Ada, OK 74821
(580) 332-4802
[email protected]