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Ron Urlaub, President, Urlaub & Co.

Mr. Ronald Urlaub is a Certified Public Accountant with 28 years of experience in governmental and nonprofit accounting. He has extensive knowledge of HUD regulations and GAAP requirements as they pertain to housing agencies. His experience includes auditing, consulting, performing review and compilation services for housing agencies, municipalities, and nonprofit agencies.

Mr. Urlaub has participated in several HUD contracts, including Financial Data Schedule training, asset management training and consulting, stop loss reviews and technical support. In addition to these contracts, he has assisted in the reviewing of Financial Data Schedule submissions for REAC and has participated in on-site technical assistance contracts for PHAs through HUD.

Mr. Urlaub has spoken at several training sessions at the state, regional, and national level. These seminars have been presented on behalf of National, Regional, and State NAHRO associations, Affordable Housing Association of Certified Public Accountants, and other various groups. These seminars have included the interpretation of GAAP principles as well as specific HUD requirements. In addition, Mr. Urlaub has provided specific HUD training for state legislative auditors.

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