Feb 2024

(ED 101) PH & HCV Eligible and Ineligible Uses of Funds*

This session provides information on the activities that are allowed to be charged against the Operating Fund, Capital Fund, and Housing Choice Voucher programs and discusses overall eligible costs, including cost allocation guidelines as determined by OMB.  * This webinar is focused on the eligible uses of funds for HUD’s major PH and HCV programs.  […]

Apr 2024

(ED 101) Understanding Financial Statements*

This session provides an overview of the basic terminology used in discussing financial statements and covers the following topics: Financial reporting framework used by PHAs to account during the year (i.e., cash vs. GAAP-based transactions) Monthly financial statements provided by fee accountant or finance and how these financial statements differ from year-end financial statements Types […]

May 2024

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Funding

This session discusses the funding methodology for the Housing Choice Voucher program and the provisions related to the allocation of those funds for the FY 2023 Appropriations. In addition, this session will highlight the various HAP and Administrative Fee categories and other program guidance contained in PIH Notice 2023-07. This session is particularly timely since […]

(NEW) Accounting for Component Units / RAD Conversions*

Many agencies have taken steps to reposition their public housing portfolio through RAD conversions or low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC). As such, agencies also need to understand the reporting requirements for the new entities, i.e., component units that are created as a result of these transactions. This session will discuss: The major GAAP requirements for […]

Developing a Cost Allocation Plan*

OMB has established cost principles for federal programs, detailed in 2 CFR §200.400.  This session defines the meaning of OMB’s term “final cost objective” and examines how costs are classified between direct and indirect costs.  For indirect costs, the session provides options to properly allocate costs to the final cost objective using appropriate costs drivers. […]

Jun 2024

HCV Two Year Tool

This session provides a walkthrough of HUD’s HCV Two Year Tool and Payment Standard Tool and how to effectively use the tools for your PHA. The Two Year Tool can be used to forecast an agency’s leasing and spending over a two year (and longer) period of time. The session will cover the following topics: […]

18 June 2024

Public Housing Year-End Reporting

This session will discuss year end reporting for the public housing program, focusing on financial data schedule (FDS) reporting. The following topics will be covered in this session: The reporting models allowed by HUD Proper accounting for the Operating Fund and Capital Fund programs for financial data schedule (FDS) reporting Accounting for special issues such […]

27 June 2024

Capital Fund Program

This session provides information on the Capital Fund formula and eligible uses of Capital Funds.  The following topics will be discussed: Overview of formula used by HUD to determine funding for the Capital Fund and PHA procedures to ensure proper funding Capital fund five-year planning and annual submission requirements Obligation and expenditure requirements, budget line […]

Jul 2024

Voucher Management System (VMS)

This session will discuss the purpose and use of VMS for HCV funding. The following topics will be covered: How to access VMS Description of VMS data fields and the proper reporting of HAP costs and leasing data, highlighting new fields (e.g., Emergency Housing Voucher - EHV) and fields that are frequently mis-reported VMS Review […]

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